Financial Planning

Income planning and low-risk growth solutions.

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Tax Advisory

Expert Tax Preparation and Advice.

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Estate Transition

Reduce taxes, costs and work for your heirs.

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Heafner Financial Solutions

Heafner Financial Solutions is a boutique wealth-management firm dedicated to designing custom, verifiable financial solutions to fit your lifestyle and your objectives. No pre-fabricated, cookie-cutter plans. We create customized plans with our unique processes and our meticulously researched products.

Real risk reduction by addressing all relevant risks, including…

  • Products that cannot lose principal, and products that have never lost principal
  • Planning for tax minimization
  • Employing lawsuit and creditor shield
  • Utilizing options that can protect assets from nursing-home and long-term care costs.
  • Income plans for dependable and predictable lifetime income solutions.

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Portfolio Snapshots

In Your Best Interest

Dependable lifetime income solutions.

We recognize that for many, the most important thing is not “how much did I earn?” Instead it’s “How big is my monthly check?” There aren’t many financial problems that can’t be cured by a big monthly income.

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